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What our clients say...

“I was delighted to be invited to join the first K.I.S at Home event as a Life coach and founder of Hypnotherapy Northumberland.

The beautiful venue not only boasted views out to sea but my therapy room was also excellent. It was more like a hotel room suite and perfectly mirrored the calmer side of the event while enhancing the relaxation potential of the attendees. 

Compliments must go to Anni for the impeccable, yet casual, K.I.S at Home preparation arrangements. Your past professional hospitality and spa accolades have clearly allowed you to achieve mastery over your superb hosting. 

I also very much enjoyed the group's interaction and was enlightened by their enthusiasm to engage the possibility of truly changing their lifestyles. 

Thank you again for a wonderfully inspiring day. It was a joy working with you Anni and all your attendees from such interestingly diverse backgrounds. 

I have just one question – when can I come back please?! “ 


“I was very lucky to be invited to try out a K.I.S at Home event.

As soon as I arrived, I was made to feel very special. I needed a break from my busy life and this is exactly what I received.

I was run a bath (this never happens to me) and I was able to sit back and enjoy the products that Anni left out for me.

Dinner was fresh and very tasty – packed with lots of goodness and I was already feeling London floating away from my body.

Saturday was the day for treatments and to see the doctor and life coach.

Meeting Dr Kate James was like a breath of fresh air. She helped me to realise that I have been dealing with a lot and that it's OK to ask for help and accept that you can't deal with everything yourself, which is one of my bad traits.

I then had a back massage before lunch. This moved some of the stress I have been carrying around and then we broke for lunch, and what a feast it was!

In the afternoon, I saw a life coach. I do tend to hold onto negative thoughts, due to nearly four years of dealing with amazing stress, and this session helped me move forward.

To finish of with, I had a lovely facial.

I absolutely loved my time on this weekend retreat, I came home on the train floating. The crowds at York and Kings Cross stations did not faze me at all.

I cannot recommend this enough and I'll be organising my friends and mum to enjoy the same experience. Worth every penny. “ 

Keeley B

"I was lucky enough to experience one of the first K.I.S at Home events and, as a regular spa goer, this hits all the spots in such a different way.

Your health concerns are treated in such a way that it really is life changing, and totally do-able. Another great thing is that you can talk to the experts with total confidence that they really know their stuff.

The treatments, advice and food really gets you back on track and, as an added bonus, we were in one of the most beautiful locations on the Northumbrian coast. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone." 

Louise R

"I very much enjoyed my day at the K.I.S at Home event. It was very well organised which meant I could just relax and enjoy my time there from start to finish. The professionals on the day were all highly motivational and inspiring - I felt I learnt something new from each of them. The treatments were great and the time in between treatments to relax and chill out in lovely surroundings with marvellous views of the sea added to the overall sense of calm. The food provided for lunch was excellent; extremely nutritious and delicious. Overall, it was a day of pampering and nurturing the body and soul...time well spent!"


"If you are looking to explore a spa at home experience, then this could be right up your street.Anni was a fantastic host and really took care of us the whole weekend! She has an abundance of energy and is a truly nurturing individual who genuinely cares for people. Add the beautiful back drop of Almouth beach where Anni lives and it makes for a truly magical weekend!

We started early, a quick juice and then we hit the beach for our bootcamp session. It was tough at the time but, once finished, I felt invigorated and ready to start the day. Anni cooked up a super healthie brekkie of porridge, seeds and wheatgrass and then we gathered for the first of the group sessions for the day.

I particularly enjoyed meeting Dr Kate, who gave a very informative talk on super foods and the benefits of blue green algae.  I have started taking them and am really starting to see the benefits so thank you!

I opted for an hour's facial, and then a 60 minute massage, both of which I'd definitely recommend. The facial was good – Wendy was my therapists and she was exceptional, really taking care of my skin's needs. She used a galvanic machine and afterwards, I could really see the benefits. Joanne the masseuse was fantastic and excellent at deep tissue – getting into my stiff legs and really loosening them up! It was lovely to finish with a little Reiki at the end to clear any negative energy around me.

If you have never tried hypnotherapy, Lindsay is the perfect introduction to it. He took me off to a place that really helped clear negative thoughts and emotions that I was clinging on to.
Overall, it really was a relaxing and cosy weekend, meeting likeminded people and bonding over the need to do good to our bodies both internally and externally.

If you are looking to educate or refocus yourself, then you need to attend the next weekend!

Thank you Anni and keep up all the good that you do!"

Fiona O

“I can't tell you how inspiring I found the KIS Spring Detox Day. I have always wanted to do a detox but wasn’t sure of what was involved and doubted my will power could endure one. Having the benefit of your knowledge and experience was just the kick-start I needed to adopt a healthier approach to eating. The day was packed with fascinating information – guiding us through the whys and hows of the detox process, whilst addressing the specific symptoms of individuals. You made us feel so special and the entire day was relaxed and really fun - I loved trying your delicious juices and smoothies, lunch was nutritious and divine, and those chocolates were unbelievably yummy! I would highly recommend your programme – it was really excellent and exceeded all expectations. Thanks to you I now feel so motivated - a huge thank you to Anni and the team at KIS lifestyle for your enthusiasm and expertise: this is life changing stuff!” 

Cobi S

“A truly brilliant day - real eye opener to anyone that wants to properly think about their health. We covered absolutely everything from cosmetics to food to medication - and an opportunity for a one to one as well.

Even if you think you are an expert - I promise you will learn more!

This can only be good for you - I recommend you go.” 

Helen K

I have suffered from sensitive skin my whole life and regularly had skin outbreaks (red welts, blistering, hives etc) which were either due to food allergies or reactions to products or just my busy lifestyle. When I met Anni, I was having a particularly vicious outbreak on my neck and jawline and was absolutely desperate for help.

Anni talked to me about her products and also about general wellbeing from the inside out and I bought a bottle of the E3 AFA capsules.  I was skeptical but quite frankly it was amazing. Within days, the red welts had gone down and not only had my skin improved, but I felt healthier and more energised. 

I do sometimes get 'minor' outbreaks but can now see a pattern of it being connected to my monthly cycle but the best thing, is that the outbreaks are so minor that only I notice them and they only last for a short time. 

These are a natural product rather than a chemical and I'm very happy with them.  I have been using them for over a year now and at 44, with 3 children and a busy job, it was time to think about myself for a change! 

Janet R

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