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K.I.S Store

"Fundamentally it is not what we need to avoid but infact what we need to include that brings us to true balance” Dr Kate James MBBS

You won't find hundreds of products in our store. What you will find is products that we use ourselves and have found to make a real difference to how we feel and how we live our lives.

We scoured the planet and found 100s of good products, then got rid of things that just achieve good results... that left us with around 70 great products... we then got rid of stuff that did the job but not as well as something else... that left us with 50 or so products... then we did the final cut based on our experts' opinions and tried and tested results, so we can truly say we only stock what we absolutely LOVE, believe in and are truly passionate about.

In the KIS Store you will find the what, why and how for everything we sell, in fact we don't really sell, we think it all sells itself! On a slightly more serious note, we have to be really careful what we say about our products. The UK laws are strict and getting stricter about what can and cannot be said - please forgive us if some of the descriptions sound vague - if you need more info, take a little look on our best friend...the internet :)

Everything we do is about making it easier for you to start living a healthier lifestyle, so once you've taken our questionnaires (KIS Assess) we can tell you exactly what we think you’ll love the most and most importantly, what your body will love you for!

Appetite whetted? Go to the K.I.S Store >>

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