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Men Have Feelings Too - by Andy Baggott author of Blissology

Posted by admin on June 7, 2013

Stephen Fry’s recent revelation about attempting suicide highlights the fact that mental health problems are actually as common in men as they are in women. Indeed depression, anxiety and other stress-related health issues occur right throughout the population; however the reporting, diagnosis and/or treatment of men is much lower than that of women. This is especially true in the UK where the tradition of the “stiff upper lip” and “big boys don’t cry” means that men often do not seek help even in the extremes of mental anguish.

The Chinese regard all illness as beginning in the mind and say that how we think has a direct effect upon both our perception of reality and on our quality of life. Basically they talk about three states of mind: No mind, one mind and clear mind.

No mind.

This is powerless thinking where we regard ourselves as victims of life. “Life’s not fair” and “I hate my life but I cannot change it so I just have to make the best of things” are the kinds of ways that we think when in a no-mind state. It means that we allow ourselves to ruled by the twist and turns of fate. This kind of thinking leads us towards frustration and misery.

One mind.

One-mindedness is inflexible thinking and often arises as a direct result of stress. When we are resistant to the challenges that life brings us, we can tend to attempt to drive our way through them, to fight those that we feel threaten or oppose us and to give more of our energy than we are actually capable of. This inevitably leaves us over-tired and prone to health problems; both mental and physical. This kind of thinking leads us dangerously towards physical and/or mental breakdown.

Clear mind.

The clear-minded individual is objective, adaptable and has total faith in his or her ability to connect with solutions. The Chinese call it “the ability to go with the flow” which means to be able to make the very best of every situation and to come through each one with calmness and integrity. This kind of thinking leads us towards happiness, health and fulfilment.

The mind-body connection.

For our minds to think clearly and healthily, our bodies must also be clear and healthy. Eating an organic diet that is free of complex man-made chemicals goes a long way to achieving this, but also adding certain supplements and super-foods to our regime can help us achieve optimal physical and mental health. Meditation, yoga or Tai Chi can be equally of value in ensuring that mind and body work together in harmony. Finally, continually refining our thoughts, feelings and self, i.e. practicing adaptability, means that we travel swiftly and effortlessly through life. By taking a step towards those things that feel good and a step away from those things that don’t feel good. we find the path of least resistance that leads to abundance and success on every level.

Stephen Fry’s recent revelation about attempting suicide highlights the fact that mental health problems are actually as common in men as they are in women. 

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