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The Body is the Lab the Mind is the Scientist by Andy Baggott

Posted by annihood on June 3, 2013

Andy Baggott is one of our K.I.S Personal Development Specialists. He has written several books, amongst them 'Blissology' that we love! He explains in simple terms, the fundamentals of helping our body's laborartory to function to its' optimum.

The human body is the most complex laboratory on the planet and at any time there are a multitude of “experiments” taking place within it. Whether these experiments are successful or not depend on a variety of factors; most notably hydration, temperature, pH and light availability.

Hydration: The human body is composed of approximately 70% water and most of the actions and movements within take place in a water-based environment. The moment we become stressed, we start to experience dehydration and this can have a marked effect on the efficiency with which the body works. You can help guard against dehydration by drinking plenty of water (normally about 2 litres per day) and learning techniques to more efficiently handle stress.

Temperature: When the body runs cold, everything starts to slow down. Body fluids become thicker, circulation becomes restricted and the biochemistry really starts to struggle. Eating with the seasons often helps to stabilise body temperature because warming foods tend to grow in the winter and cooling foods in the summer. Eating excessive amounts of very cooling foods (such as sugar, tropical fruit and processed foods) in the middle of winter is a sure-fire way to catch colds and flu.

pH: The body works best in a slightly alkaline environment. Anything that causes the body stress can have a marked effect on pH making us more acidic.  Taking time out to relax and eating plenty of alkalising green vegetables helps to keep the body’s pH stable.

Light: The brain and nervous system runs on light (photons) and electricity (electrons). Taking electron-rich and photon-rich oils such as fish or krill oil optimises brain function aiding both memory and concentration.

The Mind: The more at ease we are with life, the better our body works. Mental calmness and clarity are fundamental to health and well-being. 10-15 minutes of meditation each day can be an invaluable tool to aid both mind and body.

As its name suggests, “dis-ease” originates in the mind. In Chinese medicine a clear mind is the key to a healthy body. This clarity comes when we learn to move with the ebb and flow of life and have no resistance to the challenges that life brings us.


The human body is the most complex laboratory on the planet and at any time there are a multitude of “experiments” taking place within it.

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