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Adaptogenic Foods by Dr Kate James MBBS

Posted by annihood on May 2, 2013

Put simply, adaptogenic or balancing foods actually help to guide the choices we make in terms of food, lifestyle, exercise and even sleep. 

In its purist term, adaptogen is a herbal medical term which describes a plant, or part of, which acts medicinally to take the body back to it’s balance point. 

Most importantly, these effects can continue even when an adaptogen is no longer consumed. Thus the set point of the body changes indefinitely for months or even years after taking. This is of note as, often in the West, we use medicines whose effects cease when we stop taking them. In herbology, adaptogens mainly balance the glandular (i.e. hormonal) systems and immune systems, although they can work on all other systems too. 

It has been interesting to see, upon starting an adaptogenic programme including a number of chlorophyll-rich foods, how many of my patients have described an improvement in the condition for which they consulted me, but also with many other aspects of their health and wellbeing. For example: improved sleep; higher levels of energy and stamina throughout the day; better concentration; clarity of thought; a more balanced mood; heightened intuition; smoother and clearer skin and improved immunity so fewer viral illnesses like colds and gastroenteritis. In summary, people describe feeling so much more alive and vital and so very quickly - often overnight or in just a matter of days. 

Much more fun than constantly labelling things as 'good' and 'bad', or indeed focusing on what we need to avoid or take out, adaptogenic foods do this for us instinctively, guiding us on every physiological level back to just where we need to be. We don't even need to consciously think about it - these foods have to be tried to be believed! 


All of these fabulous foods will be available in our online K.I.S store very soon – we’ll give you all the information you need - but for now, here is what they are. 

1 Edible algae such as Blue Green Algae AFA (E3AFA) Chlorella and Spirulina (these are all found in Superfood)
2 Seaweeds including wakame, nori and dulse (also found in Superfood)
3 Cereal grasses including wheatgrass, barley grass and other sprouted greens such as sunflower, buckwheat and pea greens (again, these are found in Superfood)
4 Bee pollen
5 Royal Jelly
6 Coconut and coconut products like oil, cream, milk and water
7 Certain mushrooms including Reishi and various other Chinese varieties
8 Certain herbs such as Ashwagandha, Maca, Suma, Aloe Vera and Noni (We're working on these!)
9 Raw carob and cacao, both to be used moderately
10 Beta Glucan 

If you click (here), we’ll show you what to do with these foods and how to consume them as part of your regular lifestyle routine.

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