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K.I.S Lite

Take charge of your own ‘feel good’ barometer.

K.I.S Lite   - FREE 

It’s free, you’ll become a K.I.S Lite member as soon as you register and you’ll have all of this at your fingertips.

To celebrate our launch we're giving K.I.S Lite members exclusive access (for a limited period) to services normally available only for K.I.S Full members –  we're giving you a sneaky peek of the whole show until we activate K.I.S Full membership at the end of June, make sure you fill your boots!"

  • Vital statistics evaluation - K.I.S (Lite) Assess 
  • A snapshot of your personalised dashboard
  • Food as medicine shopping lists
  • K.I.S Tips – delivered daily with your morning KIS cuppa!
  • Fabulous recipes that are big on nutrient value and even bigger on taste.
  • Access to the social forum K.I.S chat
  • KIS Fit – on the move (OTM) fitness programmes
  • Food bible – what’s good for you and why

This membership will max out your ability to access valuable information, tips and know how, to make a few little adjustments that will make a big difference to how you feel. Take it a step at a time, a day at a time. Tell us how you're doing on K.I.S Chat and email us if you feel we're missing something that you desperately need. The reason K.I.S Lite is free is because we're massively passionate about wellness tools and knowledge being accessible to everyone. Please help us support more and more people by spreading the K.I.S word and if there is more you think we can do, tell us.

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