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Join K.I.S

Take charge of your own ‘feel good’ barometer.

By becoming a K.I.S member you’ll be taking charge of the most important thing in the world, your own health and wellbeing.  You’re giving yourself free reign to achieve your deepest desires and be the person you want to be for yourself and the people you care about.

Even better... to celebrate our launch we're giving K.I.S Lite members exclusive access (for a limited period) to services normally available only for K.I.S Full members –  we're giving you a sneaky peek of nearly the whole show until we activate K.I.S Full membership at the end of June, make sure you fill your boots!"

K.I.S Lite  - FREE 

It’s free, you’ll become a K.I.S Lite member as soon as you register and you’ll have all of this at your fingertips; 

  • Vital statistics evaluation - K.I.S (Lite) Assess 
  • A snapshot of your personalised dashboard
  • Food as medicine shopping lists
  • K.I.S Tips – delivered daily with your morning KIS cuppa!
  • Awesome recipes
  • Access to the social forum K.I.S chat
  • KIS Fit – on the move (OTM) fitness programmes
  • Food bible – what’s good for you and why 

K.I.S Full  £18.50 per month  - Launching June 30th

(three month minimum commitment paid monthly or in one total discounted sum - six month and twelve month discounted options also available - details in Store)

We want you to feel better and be healthier. We want you to get results.

This is your full scope, kick ass, all you need solution for optimal wellness.

Of course you’ll have everything that KIS Lite members have but in addition you will have full access to; 

  • K.I.S Assess – a portfolio of life balance assessment tools that combine an Eastern and Western approach directed by our founder Anni Hood and developed by Dr Kate James MBBS
  • Your full scope personalised dashboard (this will populate once K.I.S Assess is complete)
  • All KIS FIT programmes – K.I.S On The Move (OTM) and K.I.S Commit.
  • Daily food nutrition diary
  • Exclusive access to Integrative medical doctors and specialists through KIS Chat.
  • Exclusive in store discounts making your K.I.S full membership a no brainer all on it’s own.

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