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K.I.S for Spa & Wellness Businesses

Create an additional revenue income and simultaneously retain more clients

For spa, health and wellness business owners, it has become increasingly more important to nurture and retain relationships with guests and clients.  Justification of spend for consumers means a greater need to be creative and results driven when it comes to accessible, high value and affordable wellness options.

Through partnership with KIS, spa and wellness businesses are able to provide an extension of services to guests and clients, create additional revenue income and increase customer relationship management ability.  This allows businesses to extend their brand reach, sustain relationships between venue visits and create more opportunity for re-booking and backbone sales.

In addition;

• Supporting workshops, events and coaching is available.
• Co branding and white label options can be discussed.

Contact the founder directly to discuss your spa and wellness needs, from consultancy and white labeling to co branding and bundle membership purchasing.

Founder details;

Anni Hood -

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