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K.I.S at the Office

Save money and empower your team toward increased energy and better health

The pressures of today’s world creep into everything we do. Not least the work space and the ability for our teams to remain focused, productive and emotionally well enough to deliver and excel in their roles.  There is an abundance of evidence that tells us how happier, healthier, more balanced employees will contribute to a more successful and profitable corporation. Private health care and screening is useful but physical issues are more often a symptom of the root cause. 

Stress and associated illnesses such as depression, fatigue and other lifestyle related conditions can, in their milder forms, be solved and even prevented by a stronger focus on overall wellbeing. What we eat, how much we exercise, how we react to situations and how well we sleep all contribute significantly to overall wellbeing. 

Sickness from work and lowered productivity in the workplace can be, and often are, the product of an inability to cope with stress and mental health issues.  That, combined with an aging workforce, overweight and related health conditions cause spiraling costs within companies, high sickness rates and ultimately a drop in work production.

K.I.S offers opportunities for corporations to be a step ahead in caring for employees whilst simultaneously taking better care of their businesses

Model structure

The model is a scalable, combined approach that anchors to food, fitness, happiness and relaxation.  It is supported by integrative medical doctors and specialists who are available on an ’as needed' basis.

Partnership and support options include;

1.Full Membership purchasing - volume of purchase denotes cost per membership

2.Own branding - white label – initial one off payment and annual licence fee

3.In house workshops for groups and individual coaching

4.HR team support – measurement of results and incentivisation

We provide in house workshops and coaching with our specialist team to support those involved and ensure motivation and progress.

Contact the founder directly to discuss your corporate wellness needs, from coaching and development to motivation and better health. 

Founder contact details;

Anni Hood -

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