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K.I.S in Action

‘Words whisper, deeds shout’

The old adage ‘words whisper, deeds shout’ is as relevant now as it has ever been. There are few excuses left for non connection, communication or ease of access, todays' technology has seen to that. We are obsessively mindful of the need for practical solutions to fit into the increasingly busy lives of today.  

K.I.S Chat>>

This is the most current and dynamic piece of K.I.S Social.  You have to be registered to be able to use it.  It’s a brilliant opportunity to have contact with our experts and our founder. Ask whatever questions you have and better still, tell us your experiences and wellness habits that are working for you. What was your tipping point? What do you love about feeling well? How could we help and support you more?  There are forums for all aspects of health and wellness – either start a thread of your own or join a conversation – remember to upload a pic, it’s so much more fun to know who you’re chatting with!

Shopping Lists>> 

Depending on your K.I.S Assess elemental results there will be some shopping lists more relevant to you than others. You can download these lists for your supermarket trips along with a ‘food bible’ that will tell you what these great foods are good for, your 'food as medicine' referral directory.


Making and tasting delicious food makes 'eating clean' a lot more fun and a whole lot more of an exciting prospect.  From 'food as medicine' to just plain morish you're going to love the simplicity of preparation and the intentional ingredients that will hug you from the inside out.

Stuff We Love>> 

This one’s for sharing. All the things that we either use ourselves or that totally inspire us. They’re things that we can’t do without and things that, when we discover them, we’re just bursting to tell you about! 

Downloadable K.I.S Fit programmes>> 

Being able to stay on track whilst you’re on the move is important.  All of the K.I.S Fit programmes download straight to your calendar and tell you what you need to do on a daily basis to reach your goals.  The programmes are split between; 

K.I.S Fit Commit – dedicated and structured programmes for lengthier training periods. 

K.I.S OTM (on the move) – for targeting specifics that you can mix into whatever your schedule might be. 

We’ve deliberately designed them so you don’t need lots of expensive equipment or a gym  - just you and some time!  If you’re stuck and want a bit of added variety, take a look in our Fit Fridge for an immediate K.I.S hit.

Daily K.I.S Tips and quotes>>

Keeping your attention and helping you to stay focused is something we care deeply about. Once you’re registered you will receive daily nuggets of inspiration for on the spot actions or perhaps something more contemplative…it’ll be there in your inbox, ready to start the day with you. 

K.I.S Buddy 

If we notice you haven’t been engaged for a while we’ll get in touch – part of achieving what you want, getting results and feeling better is about habit, commitment and yes, lifestyle change.  New habits take a little bit of time to form, we want to make sure we give you all the support you need so you start to feel better than ever! 

Personalised dashboard and tracking

(Partially available for K.I.S Lite - all the bells and whistles for K.I.S Full)

No matter the ‘project’, seeing progress and real personalised status is a massive motivator to carry on.  The ‘My K.I.S’ dashboard will give you all the essentials you need to see where you are and what you can do to feel better. From BMI (body mass index) and WHR  (waist to hip ratio) to elemental balance and suggested products, you will find it on your individual page.

In addition there is an embedded search facility so you can find whatever information most relevant to you and save it to your dashboard page. 


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