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Why K.I.S?

Because it is a real approach that connects with the pressures and needs of today’s lives.

We’re bringing you cutting edge wellness expertise that you can afford in ways that will empower you to feel better every single day.

We also care hugely about keeping it real.  Wellness is as much about connecting with the issues of the day as it is about eating and exercise.

Love Living – relish your life, every morsel, every thought, every movement, every dream. You matter, Personalised, individual and meaningful guidance is as comforting as it is valuable. Simplicity – ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ Lao-tzu Expertise that is dedicated, skilled and qualified, nothing less. Feeling enriched in a likeminded caring Community is like the pleasure of sun on a dreary day…tell us your story.

Why K.I.S is a no brainer

  • It doesn’t need to cost you a penny
  • You can access your membership from any portable device
  • It will tailor the information relevant to you.
  • It connects to the real issues and helps you solve them.
  • You will be inspired everyday.
  • Just like in the flesh, it’ll make you feel better – the more you KIS the better you feel, it’s that simple.

'Fundamentally it is not what we need to avoid but infact what we need to include that balnces us and leads us to optimal health.' Dy Kate James MBBS

Deprivation, going without and feeling miserable shouldn't be a part of your wellness journey.  If you're electing to do some sort of body cleanse or detox then it is slightly different. K.I.S will help you get to know how clever and intuitive your physical body and mind actually is. The two are intrinsically linked.

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