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Email us with any burning questions and we’ll include them for you.

Q   KIS Lite is ‘free’ – is there a catch?

A   No, no catch. The passion behind K.I.S is to make better health and wellness available to everyone. Some people are just plain broke but that doesn’t mean staying well and feeling fabulous isn’t a priority for them. 

Q   How long will it take me to start feeling better?

A   That depends on you! It could be immediate ( some breath exercises will give you an instant lift ) or it may take some time for your body to adjust.  No matter, you will ‘feel’ better quicker than your body measurements will tell you, if weight loss is your goal! 

Q   Why do you emphasize ‘adding in’ rather than ‘taking out’?

A    Deprivation doesn’t generally work. But when you start adding in high nutrition foods, new thought practices, movement and quality rest, your body’s intuition begins to change.  The more you sustain the ‘new additions’ the better you will feel and the less you will crave your old more destructive habits. 

Q   What is the difference between K.I.S Lite and K.I.S Full?

A    K.I.S Lite is free and K.I.S Full is a monthly paid membership. The fundamental differences are the depth of tools and benefits you will have at your disposal, take a look under 'Join K.I.S' to know the specifics.

Q   How does K.I.S Assess work?

A    It evaluates your constitutional and elemental balance based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM is a philosophy that anchors to the unification of the whole person and an intention to stay well and strong.  It is not a diagnostic. 

Q    Will K.I.S Assess tell me if I have a serious health problem?

A     No, neither K.I.S Assess nor K.I.S Lifestyle as a whole is a diagnostic tool. What it could do is support you alongside any treatment you’re having so long as you consult with your doctor first.

Q   Can I speak directly to one of the Doctors working with K.I.S Lifestyle?

A    Yes you can – we offer special consultancy rates for any 121 needs through K.I.S Store and we also have specified times when our doctors will be live in our community forum K.I.S Chat. Keep an eye on the blog and member updates to know when. 

Q   Why K.I.S?

A    Because wellness is personal. There isn't one big box marked 'optimal health' that we're all supposed to find but an equilibriem and uniqueness that is ours alone.  Total wellbeing is about finding individual balance, that’s what we’re good at. 

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