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About K.I.S?

An approach to living that enhances the quality of your life…

In short, K.I.S is an online wellness community. We offer an extensive range of tools and systems to help you feel better everyday including personalised lifestyle assessments, tailored shopping lists, daily tips, fitness programmes, a social members forum, dedicated store and direct access to doctors and specialists.

Most importantly, K.I.S is about you. We're all gorgeously different so everyone's experience of K.I.S will be unique. We've spent years refining an engine of expertise that's tailored to respond to you and more specifically, what you tell us. Your answers to a series of questionnaires (KIS Assess) get analysed and drive a personalised catalogue of insightful and, we believe, life changing information.  

diagram.pngWhy K.I.S?

  • It is affordable - it doesn't need to cost you a penny
  • Your assessment tools have been developed by an integrative medical doctor.
  • It is accessible  - from any portable device
  • You can ask questions and get answers directly from medical doctors and high calibre specialists.
  • You will have a personalised dashboard and access to the info you need
  • You'll feel better - the more you K.I.S the better you'll feel!


We combine both Eastern and Western perspectives and provide a wealth of tools to encourage you to pursue your goals and get the results you want. Tailor made programmes, boundless information and supportive networks are all there to get you feeling better than you've ever felt! The aces in places are (unsurprisingly!) food, exercise, happiness and relaxation. It may sound boringly familiar but there are many many ways of making 'feeling better' much more exciting!

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