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K.I.S Wellness Workshops for PURE gym members

Posted by annihood on September 18, 2014

Every week between now and November 22nd, PURE gym members will have complimentary access to K.I.S Wellness Workshops. These workshops will be held every Tuesday evening between 6.45pm - 8pm at Pure Gym Enfield in the fitness studio on the first floor.

Stephen Fry’s recent revelation about attempting suicide highlights the fact that mental health problems are actually as common in men as they are in women. Indeed depression, anxiety and other stress-related health issues occur right throughout the population; however the reporting, diagnosis and/or treatment of men is much lower than that of women. This is especially true in the UK where the tradition of the “stiff upper lip” and “big boys don’t cry” means that men often do not seek help even in the extremes of mental anguish.

Andy Baggott is one of our K.I.S Personal Development Specialists. He has written several books, amongst them 'Blissology' that we love! He explains in simple terms, the fundamentals of helping our body's laborartory to function to its' optimum.

A very special edible algae AFA by Dr Kate James MBBS

Posted by annihood on May 2, 2013

AFA, which stands for Aphanizomenon flos-aque is one of a number of species of Blue Green Algae. 

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Adaptogenic Foods by Dr Kate James MBBS

Posted by annihood on May 2, 2013

Put simply, adaptogenic or balancing foods actually help to guide the choices we make in terms of food, lifestyle, exercise and even sleep. 

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